Stretch ceilings for the sales areas and shops

The interior of the store is made up of many elements. It requires design, furniture, good space planning and much more. The quality and design of the ceilings also play an important role. Therefore, the owners usually choose the stretch ceilings for repairs or finishing inside the shop area. For the boutiques, shops and other outlets interior design, stretch fabric, and PVC ceilings are the best options, providing many practical opportunities and allowing you to use various techniques. The range of existing design types allows you to choose the appropriate stretch ceiling. For instance, you can order ceilings meeting increased hygiene requirements for grocery stores and cosmetics’ shops. Otherwise, for industrial shops, media markets and all the other shops selling non-food items standard ceilings with basic characteristics can be used.

The material we use is PVC stretch films. It is eco-friendly and meets all safety requirements. 

Best variety of ceilings for all places

  • Residences (apartments, hotels, guesthouses, mansions, country houses)
  • Public buildings ( universities, theatres, schools, institutions, colleges)
  • Commercial places (offices, shopping centers, stores, restaurants, clubs)