Stretch ceilings for the Night Clubs

The texture and design of the ceilings for nightclubs.

One of the main features that distinguish one nightclub from another is the uniqueness of the interior and the atmosphere that it gives to every visitor. Public places are the places to spend some nice time, to relax and to communicate with new acquaintances. At the same time, the interior design of such places follows fashion trends and a sense of style of the owner. The most popular finishing materials for the nightclubs among the designers are the glossy ceilings. A night club is a place of dynamic communication and fun. Reflecting the light in the best way, the glossy ceiling gives a unique shine over the tables, the bar area, and the dance floor. The lacquer surface helps to visually increase the space, which is important for places where a large number of people gathers together at the same time. Also, such places acquire airiness and comfort. The “Metallic” texture of the ceiling turns the interior of a nightclub into the endless soft overflow of a stream of light and brilliance from metal objects and spotlights. Multi-level design of the ceilings is a perfect solution to isolate a particular area in the club. Whether it is a dance floor, VIP or any other zone — the goal is to attract the visitors. The pattern color of the stretch ceilings will depend on the style and colors of the club. Our company provides you with a wide variety of ceiling colors ready to contribute to the perfect interior decoration of your club. It should also be mentioned that along the ceiling the light is a very important thing. Recessed lights and spotlights will provide the club with the lighting navigation, which is important for both: emphasizing some zones and managing the brightness of the light during the day or the night.

 Think about painting or posting images with 3d effects on your ceiling! If the nightclub is made in ethnic style or the modern style with abstractions and ornaments, all surfaces can be decorated accordingly, starting from the floor and ending with the ceilings. The high quality of large-format photo printing on stretch ceilings can make even the strangest designer ideas come true!

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