Stretch ceilings for the Hotel

The interior of a hotel, a hostel or a guesthouse is the most important element of its identity. Its consistency and functionality are the main factors for a guest to decide whether he wants to return to your hotel again or not, advise it to his friends and colleagues or not. The photos in the interior of the hotel can be very effective advertising, for which you will pay only once — when ordering repairs services. The repairs usually do not require high expenses, but you should pay attention to their planning beforehand. And, of course,  do not to forget about modern and practical stretch ceilings!

Having a hotel or a guesthouse? Choose beautiful and practical stretched ceilings from our gallery! Regardless of the stars, the ceilings can’t be uneven or bad. Also, they need protection from leaks and accidental damage (for example, champagne corks) that may affect the ceilings in a hotel more than in a private apartment. Stretch ceilings can be washed with conventional detergents and even vacuumed.  Indeed, unlike conventional, suspended ceilings do not accumulate dust, they have antistatic and dirt repellent properties.

We know that unscheduled repairs for a hotel are always a challenge and should be done as quickly as possible. That is why we offer you the installation of suspended ceilings for your hotel.

Our ceilings have a unique design. Our stretch ceilings for hotels are fireproof, environmentally friendly, practical, easy to clean and durable option.

You can choose any design. Two-level ceilings, «waves», «starry sky» or photo printing with the elements of your corporate identity — any of these solutions are just perfect for the reception area. For the rooms, you can choose more practical but equally beautiful ceilings, for example, a classic matte or lacquered white ceilings. Due to the reflective effect, they expand the space visually and make a room look spacier.

In case you are thinking about how to reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance of the hotel, please contact us. We will definitely help you find the best solution for your hotel!

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