Stretch ceilings for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to sleep and relax. 

The ceilings in this room should emphasize the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Using the stretch ceilings in the bedroom, you can create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. By choosing the right color and texture of the stretch or suspended ceilings, you can correct the visual perception of the room’s height, make it lighter or more refined (for example, using stretch ceilings with photo printing). Multi-level and floating constructions allow using of artificial lighting in the most affordable and smart way, emphasizing specific zones of the bedroom.

The material we use is PVC stretch films. It is eco-friendly and meets all safety requirements. 

Best variety of ceilings for all places

  • Residences (apartments, hotels, guesthouses, mansions, country houses)
  • Public buildings ( universities, theatres, schools, institutions, colleges)
  • Commercial places (offices, shopping centers, stores, restaurants, clubs)