Stretch ceilings for the Bathroom

Stretched ceilings in the bathroom is an ideal choice. They have all the necessary advantages for this kind of room, which are: moisture resistance, ease of installation and quick repair in case you have a flooding problem caused by your neighbors, as well as the ability to hide all “unwanted” issues behind the ceiling. But which stretch ceilings to choose for the bathroom?

 Often the choice of the stretch ceilings in the bathroom seems to be limited by the size of this room. Its typical parameters, it would seem, limit the possible options for the ceiling. However, we can assure you, that it is not true.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the right lighting. With its help, you can create a unique atmosphere even in a small bathroom. For example, a combination of chandeliers and spotlights will make the room much lighter and thereby give it a stylish look. Also, different kinds of floating lines with LED lighting look awesome in the bathroom. Moreover, they can be placed absolutely in any place and you can choose a different power level of the LEDs, setting a desired level of light. The second thing that most of the people prefer for their bathroom is photo printing on the stretched ceilings. The choice of the pictures is unlimited and, coming to this process creatively, you can make your bathroom exclusive and unique. Photo printing does not necessarily apply to the entire ceilings, but can only be used in some spots. This trick will give the room a charming look. The third thing you should pay attention to is the glossy sheets that can really visually expand the space. And sometimes they are most needed in the bathroom. It is not necessary to use bright and saturated colors if your bathroom is small, but you can choose some delicate textures and patterns: milk, vanilla, beige. These patterns are able to transform even a small room in a gorgeous bathroom!

The material we use is PVC stretch films. It is eco-friendly and meets all safety requirements. 

Best variety of ceilings for all places

  • Residences (apartments, hotels, guesthouses, mansions, country houses)
  • Public buildings ( universities, theatres, schools, institutions, colleges)
  • Commercial places (offices, shopping centers, stores, restaurants, clubs)